Demobilization off Response Forces, Struck Forces, or other Comparable Pushes

Demobilization off Response Forces, Struck Forces, or other Comparable Pushes

Part 65. – Into the several months beginning ninety days until the election and you can conclude 1 month afterwards, it shall be illegal to prepare a reaction push, hit force otherwise equivalent force and you will these effect force, strike push or similar push existing before the the second period shall be disbanded and you can demobilized through the said period.

All members of impulse forces, struck pushes polish hearts beoordelingen otherwise similar forces belonging to a parent unit will go back to their respective mom tools throughout the fresh demobilization or disbandment from said pushes.

A violation associated with section should hold with it the new penalty away from forfeiture in favor of the new Philippine Government of one’s armored automobile, liquids or sky hobby inside it and that are going to be placed under this new infant custody of your Percentage to have temper

This new heads of all response pushes, strike forces or comparable forces should, maybe not later than 90 days before election, submit to brand new Commission an entire list of the players thereof that have such as particulars given that Fee need.

Area 66. – When you look at the period beginning ninety days before the election and stop thirty day period afterwards, after Payment finds it very important to the brand new strategy out-of 100 % free, organized and you will honest elections in the a particular area, it shall confiscate otherwise buy the newest confiscation off firearms of any representative otherwise people in the brand new Philippine Constabulary, cops pushes, special pushes, domestic safety pushes, barrio notice-safeguards gadgets and all sorts of other para poder-army units you to now occur otherwise may hereafter end up being planned, otherwise of any associate otherwise people in the security otherwise cops communities from regulators divisions, profits, councils, bureaus, workplaces, otherwise regulators-had otherwise regulated businesses; otherwise of every user or people in actually-possessed otherwise operated cover, investigative, defensive or cleverness organizations undertaking similar or comparable features.

Point 67. Regulating Use of Armored Automobile, Water otherwise Air Designs. – Within the several months delivery 90 days up until the election and thirty days thereafter, they might be illegal when it comes down to person to have fun with armored auto provided by one short term or long lasting gadgets and other unit or contraption on mounting otherwise installation of canon, machine guns and other equivalent high-caliber guns, and army form of tanks, half of trucks, lookout automobiles, armored cars of every build or model, whether or not brand new, revived, rebuilt or remodeled: Provided, You to financial or creditors and all organization enterprises can use not more than one or two armored car strictly for and you may limited to the purpose of transporting cash, gold bullion or other belongings linked to the providers away from and to their bar or nightclub, through to earlier in the day expert regarding, and below instance rules because the are promulgated by the, the latest Commission. For example foibles might be had written in 2 newspapers of standard movement in your community where armored vehicles were created for use.

For the exact same months, the employment of any other type off yourself-had armored car, h2o or flights for any other mission may be banned or controlled by Commission in the interests of brush, prepared and you will sincere elections. Brand new Fee shall promulgate regulations and rules to manage the newest specifications hereof.

Confiscation from Guns

Section 68. Prohibition towards the Carrying Licensed Firearms External Residence or Place of business. – In the several months birth 3 months before the election and you may ending a month thereafter, they are going to be unlawful the people, in the event possessing gun certificates otherwise unique it permits, to carry people weapon additional his house otherwise office, but upon previous authored acceptance of one’s Commission, every statutes, government sales, management purchases to the contrary regardless of.

Which ban should not connect with cashiers and you may disbursing officials if you are throughout the overall performance of its commitments or even people just who by the character of their official requirements, industry, business otherwise job habitually hold large sums of cash or things.