Shortly after he returned on palace Kuon sings your a tune as he sleeps

Shortly after he returned on palace Kuon sings your a tune as he sleeps

It is designed one Kuon sooner or later fits that have Haku actually towards the top of a comparable ruins where she first found him.

Dating [ ]

  • Kuon – She actually is Haku’s guardian, approximately she says and envision both just like the friends. As of now, there’s absolutely no romantic thoughts inside it between the woman and you can Haku, but nonetheless she cares for your. She’s a bit of a slave driver too as she constantly pushes Haku to get results, which will be her own technique for while making your independent and credible. Following during the Futari zero Hakuowlo they became a couple of.

Unique Faculties (??)

Shortly after the battle against the Uzuurusha finished, She tried to brighten him upon a date and possess your a relationship page at which Haku didn’t slightly know very well what she designed to say on that letter. At that time when Yamato announces conflict on Tuskur he was a little concerned with mocospace-recensies Kuon, He tried to ask the girl in the event that she could help your in order to send supplies in order to Yamato armies although both they both didn’t agree in regards to the war, nevertheless when he knows that she isn’t inside her room upcoming the guy looked every-where to acquire the girl, from which they ideas you to Haku including cares far to own Kuon. Haku is actually shocked observe Kuon with the others prepared to leave have always been and she grins from the Haku that have an excellent happy and you will joyful face. The guy has the woman providers. Ahead of their arrival in order to Tuskur, Haku requires this lady in the event that the woman is ok because of the permitting Yamato intrusion, she responses your from the explaining the girl take care of to own prevent the war given that she declares by herself as merely who’ll. Once retreating off Tuskur, Kuon provided him specific team and requested him on their anxiety of Emperor’s demise, just like the Haku doesn’t belong to Yamato. Adopting the race against Vurai, he will get eager to speak to Kuon additionally the someone else within Ennakamuy. Regrettably, Oshtor’s passing created one to Haku has to take his spot to protect Anju by the bearing his cover-up and you will attire, therefore faking his dying to help you Kuon’s grief and Haku’s sadness. Due to the fact Kuon departs Ennakamuy, Haku was about to reveal himself to help you their but their responsibility due to the fact Oshtor pushes your to quit. As he stay through to the individuals of Ennakamuy the guy still has the fresh metal enthusiast one to Kuon gave him. It’s pointed out that Haku it really is cares to own Kuon however, their unclear if they have ideas on her. However try hinted which he wants to become along with her.

Into the Hide off Information, Kuon features difficult thinking to your Oshtor as due to the fact she noticed your just like the responsible for Haku’s “death” and you may she also flew towards a rage when she (together title invisible) sees him using Tessen and you can claiming he wielded it in order to award a pal. Angry, she first started honestly beating and you may will have went on in order to or even to possess Anju’s disturbance. Their overhearing Oshtor muttering things she understands only Haku would state quickly leads to the girl suspecting their true identity and grabs her off-guard a great deal you to definitely she was struggling to focus on the lady battle with Anju. Because of this type of situations she phone calls away from Tuskur’s prepared attack from Yamato and production into the category below the girl earlier in the day guise. She is assured on Oshtor’s true term, she begins to dump him in the same manner ways she handled Haku. This woman is amazed out-of exactly what he could be capable of by the top the war, but even more when fighting better opponents like Mikazuchi and you will Typing during the Akuruka’s setting. She actually is worried about your using the Akuruka whilst is also feast upon their existence. Kuon refuses one to because a great justification once the and you will she’ll wait for to have his address.